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5,10,20 & 25kg
Product Code -102
It is a blended polymer modified cement based powder tile adhesive. It gives excellent bond on cementitious surfaces like, concrete, plaster, etc. ROFF NON-SKID ADHESIVE forms a waterproof barrier between two surfaces and has excellent 'grab' properties. This is an ideal product for Tile-on- Tile applications. For fixing all types of tiles on internal wall I floor, external floor & tile on tile applications. As well as swimming pool tiling applications 60 - 70 sq.ft / 25Kg. Bag at 3 mm thickness
30 - 35 sqft/ 25Kg bag at 6 mm thickness

Mix ROFF NON-SKID ADHESIVE and water in the ratio 3:1 by vol. to a stiff consistency and leave for 10 mts. Remix and use.


Product Code - 106
It is a blended powder polymer modified cement based tile adhesive specially designed for heavy duty tile applications like granite, mosaic on intemal/extemal vertical surfaces. This highly flexible adhesive also has an excellent waterproofing ability also. ROFF STONE TILE ADHESIVE is suitable for fixing Ceramic, Glazed surfaces, Natural Stones, etc., on a new substrate & tile on tile applications. For heavy duty vertical cladding like natural stones & large format tiles on Internal! external applications and tile on tile applications as well as the swimming pool tiling applications 60 - 70 sqftl 25Kg bag at 3 mm thickness
30 - 35 sqftl 25Kg bag at 6mm thickness

Mix ROFF STONE TILE ADHESIVE & water in 3: 1 ratio to get a desired consistency. Apply on the surface to be tiled & fix the tiles as per standard practice.

1 & 20 kg
Product Code - 113
It is a liquid additive for fixing ceramic, marble & terrazzo tiles on new surfaces. It is an easy to use liquid polymer additive, which is mixed with ordinary Portland cement and sand at site to produce a high strength, impermeable mortar for fixing tiles. For fixing wall & floor tiles like ceramic, cement, glazed, terrazzo, marble & granite on internal surfaces Recommended mix for floor.
One part of OPC, 6 parts of zone sand by weight mixed with 1 kg of ROFF FEVIMATE PA and 20 litre of water approx. to get smooth
homogeneous mortar.
For wall use 1 kg of FEVIMATE PA for cement & sand mortar of 1: 1 ratio & 20 litre of water.
FLtrs.t mix ROFF FEVIMATE PA with pre-measured water and stir it well. Add this mixture to dry mix of cement sand. Add balance water to cement sand mortar and mix until homogeneous mix is obtained. Apply the mortar on wall or floor and comb with notched trowel. Start placing tiles on it with a slight twisting action. Use ROFF RAINBOW TILE MATE for joint filling after 24 hours
Product Code - 131, 132, 133
White colour polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive specially designed for heavy duty tile applications like marble fixing and glass tiles on internal/external vertical surfaces. This tile adhesive has excellent waterproofing property. All applications of Marble, Glass tiles, Glass mosaics on Internal/ External wall or floor, Swimming pools, Bathrooms, Commercial Spaces, Residential Spaces and Exterior Spaces. Marble 30-35 sq.ftl25 kg bag at 6mm thickness

Glass tile 60-70 sq.ftl25 kg bag at 3mm thickness

Glass Mosaics 100-110 sq.ftI 25
kg bag at 2 mm thickness
Prepare surface as per good tiling practice. Apply the mixed paste of ROFF GLASS TILE ADHESIVE on plumb surface and fix the tiles in position. Mixing proportion : 3 part ROFF GLASS TILE ADHESIVE 1 part of water.
500g, 1 & 10kg
Product Code -140
It is a polymer based cementitious tile joint filler used in filling joints of all kind of tiles. It effectively fills the gaps and levels it self to give hard wearing, non-dusting, tile joints. ROFF RAINBOW TILE MATE does not allow moisture I water to seep into the back of the tile and cause its dislocation. It firmly holds the tiles together to give a long life to the floor tiles. ROFF RAINBOW TILE MATE is available in 16 pleasing colours to match the colour of tile (Ask for shade card) ROFF RAINBOW TILE MATE is recommended for filling joints upto 3 mm width. To provide smooth water-resistant hard wearing tile joints.
As a tile joint filler in domestic floor and wall tiles of domestic and other commercial establishments, laboratories, bakeries, super markets, showrooms, hospital etc.
Depends on the size of the tile and width of the joint.


Add 2.5 to 3 parts ROFF RAINBOW Tile MATE to one part of water by volume. Mix to a smooth consistency. Apply the paste to the tile joints with a sponge I squeeze trowel. Remove surplus ROFF RAINBOW TILE MATE with a damp sponge. Allow 24 hours for the filling to dry. Then polish the tile with a clean, dry cloth.
Note: ROFF RAINBOW TILE MATE must be filled within 24 hours of fixing the tiles.

Epoxy Based
(3 components) 800g

Product Code -146
It is a stainless, chemical resistant, hard wearing & impervious tile joint filler with a high degree of resistance to abrasion and impact. ROFF RTM-Epoxy can also be used as a high performance epoxy adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles. AbattoLtrs., Chemical Plants, Food & Breweries Processing Units, Swimming Pools, Hospitals, Restaurant Kitchens, Shopping Malls and Sports Centres Depends on the size of the tile and width of the joint. Mix the Base and Hardener thoroughly in proportion. Add Filler, (1 part Hardener, 2 part Base, 5 part Filler by weight.) Remix to an uniform consistency, paste and press into the tile joints with the help of Patti Patra.
ROFF CERA CLEAN Liquid 1 litre

Product Code - 190
It is a high quality detergent based cleaner and degreasing solution (mildly acidic) for use on Tiles, Bath Tubs, Wash Basin, Privy Basin, Concrete, etc. Whitish spot/layer as normally observed in the bathroom over plastic/metal buckets (normal detergent is not helpful) can be removed with ease of effervescence. Cleaning the surface of floors in garages, factories, general building sites etc. where efficient cleaning is required.
An ideal material for cleaning the surface before application of epoxy products.
180-200 sq. ft. per liter, depending on porosity and/or contamination of surface to be cleaned Single component ready to use liquid. Pour Roff Cera Clean into a utensil. Dampen a clean cloth in it. Apply it on a desired surface. After about 5 mins. brush it properly and then clean the surface with water to get clean and shiny surface.

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